Top Podcasts for Business and Personal Growth

The best podcasts for any entrepreneur to listen to.
Chris Newport
November 4, 2015

Over the last several years, podcasting has grown as one of the top platforms for learning and marketing. 

They allow anyone to educate, provide a perspective or just have their voice heard. It’s a great way to entertain yourself during that long commute, exercising or walking the dog.

For me, they have been a never ending resource for continued education and entertainment. I’ll often find myself stopping a podcast to jot an idea down in Evernote. There are so many great nuggets of information. The best part is to have those learned experiences gel into something that transformed my clients business or my own personal growth.


Here are a few that have had a tremendous impact:


1. Tim Ferriss “The Tim Ferriss Show”. 

Tim's book, The 4-Hour Workweek, completely transformed my business and how I viewed my personal productivity. I’ve recommended this to everyone who asks and re-read at least once a year. His podcast is consistently ranked in the top 10 and receives over 40,000,000 downloads.

Each episode is dedicated to discussing a broad range of topics from business and investing to sports and art. The tools and tips presented have provided for my own personal growth and to expand my business.



michael hyatt

2. Michael Hyatt “This is Your Life”. 

I’m often curious how I ever find individuals like Michael Hyatt (friends, podcasts, books?) but finding Michael was one of the best that happened. His podcast helps with living a life of greater focus and stronger leadership. He also provides resources to what’s worked in his life (personal and business) and how to apply it to my own.






3. Pat Flynn “Smart Passive Income”. 

This was the first business podcast I started following. I was hooked from day one! He has an ability to break down everything from marketing to business tactics. His discussions on blogging and creating an intentional lifestyle were essential to my own goals. The best part is applying these lessons to my own business (and my wife’s) and seeing the results. He’s had just about everyone you can imagine with a specific niche or success. Having them open up and reveal what’s worked for them is invaluable insight. It’s one of the top rated podcasts and a must-listen to anyone trying to build an online business.



4. John lee Dumas “Entrepreneur On Fire”. 

Just like the name says, the show is dedicated to interviewing some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs 7 days a week (that’s a lot!). I’ve gained value out of the stories and finding inspiration from their journies. It's important for to relate to their failures and how they’ve grown from those experiences. It’s a quick listen for a dose of inspiration.





5. Lewis Howes “The School of Greatness”. 

One of the top rated self help podcasts. Lewis has provided some great interviews on setting your goals with intention. He discusses the needed steps to achieve your goals through hard work, passion, focus and a consistent vision.

I found Lewis as I was researching ways to use LinkedIn more efficiently. I became intrigued with his life journey over such a short period of time. Anyone looking for a guided journey on creating the ideal lifestyle instead “working to survive life” should take a listen.



There are many others I listen to on a regular basis to relax, laugh and listen to an all around good interview. Here are a few notable mentions:

Michael O’Neal “The Solopreneur Hour”

Amy Porterfield “Online Marketing Made Easy”

Jason Calacanis “This Week in Startups”

Marc Maron “WTF”

Chris Hardwick “The Nerdist”


There are endless podcasts available to find your passions and interests. What are some of your favorite podcasts that inspire you?


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