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A Little About Me

I am the President and founder of two unique companies, Launchblaze and Reactive Agency, serving a passion and desire to solve big challenges and helping every business succeed.

With every new strategic challenge, I strive to push boundaries, identify the unique needs and apply the right mix of user experience design, technology and customized business analysis. Each business has their own set of objectives. It’s my wish that every company (large and small) has the opportunity to reach their audience and grow.

Through this site, my goal is to help every business (large and small) thrive and has the opportunity to make an impact within their industry. I hope each blog post, course, software tip and small insight sparks an idea or excitement to push their business forward.

I’ve worked within the brand development industry for 16 years. Upon graduating from Ringling College of Art and Design, I went to work for Walt Disney World, Inc. establishing interactive environmental design and branding for both California and Florida theme parks and hotels. Pursuing my passion for technology and digital advancements moved me to a career with Sapient Nitro. During my career I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to hold executive and senior level positions consulting on digital solutions and online platforms for Fortune 500 companies such as Gucci, The New York Times, Lego, Mattel, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Intel, Harley Davidson, Nike, PayPal, United Airlines and many others. Each client brought a unique challenge and allowed me to explore new ways to identify the most compelling way to enrich a client’s brand experience.

With every opportunity, my intention has been to inform, educate and advance opportunity for large corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurs. My hope is that every business will achieve success and continue to build meaningful experiences with their audience.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my amazingly talented and creative wife, Ivette (who inspires me daily) and two daughters, Grace and Claire (who are each amazing and creative).

My Recommended Tools

I enjoy finding new technologies and marketing tools available to help advance everyone’s business. There are never-ending options presented to assist in a company’s online presence, internal efficiencies, marketing needs and content/social management (I trial and test a lot of them). 

Below are just a small list of the tools I use on a continual basis (some daily) to assist with integration for my clients along with my own day-to-day business operations. Enjoy.

Software Tools











CMS Tools

Online Advertising & Sales Funnels

Marketing & SEO Tools



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